Catering Consultants UK

Catering Consultants since 1989
“Experienced in Successful Catering”

Our Founders, Partners & Associates have Real Catering Experience including opening more than:

  • 51 Restaurants
  • 4 Hotels
  • 3 Nightclubs
And consulting on the operations and management of over 1500+ establishments.

We provide our Clients with Answers and Solutions using Analytical Thinking and problem solving abilities.

  • Excellent business awareness
  • Business and event planning and strategy
  • Advising on finance, processes, marketing, internet and mobile strategies
  • Meeting clients to discuss their needs
  • Research skills to gain an understanding of the client’s business
  • Presenting recommendations to the client
  • Agreeing a course of action with the client
  • Providing any support the client might need to put the plan into practice, such as staff recruitment and training

Our Founder’s Experience
Award Winning Qualified Chef

Chef de Partie — or station chef; in charge of a particular part of the kitchen
Saucier — sauces and sautés
Poissonier – seafood
Entremetier — in charge of soups, vegetables, starches and egg dishes
Rotisseur — roasts, braised and broiled meats and gravies
Gard manger — also known as pantry chef; prepares cold items

He worked in Top London Hotels including the Hilton, Savoy and the Dorchester.

Restaurant Manager / Openings Manager

He personally opened 51 Restaurants including running 2 chains of restaurants with 75 and 18 outlets.

Catering Marketing

He became a friend and apprentice of John Chiswell who ran an Advertising & Marketing company in USA, whose clients included McDonalds and Nike. Through him he learnt about Psychology of Selling, Psychology of Safety and the “Secret Recipe of Success” which John Chiswell developed for the growth and dominance of his client’s companies. He applied the principals learned from John in all his consultancy work.

Banqueting/Outside Catering

Catering for Weddings and Events 100-600+ guests

Hotels and Nightclubs

He personally opened 4 Hotels and 3 nightclubs.

What We offer my Clients

Our aim is to deliver the best answers and solutions based on real experience to our Clients for the Restaurant, Hotel, Night Club and Catering Industries. Success only comes through experience, if you employ a Consultant that has real experience in “successful catering” then you are guaranteed the best chance of success.

Why use a Consultant

A professional Catering consultant can save you money on setting up a Catering Business or in efficiency of an existing one.


1. Initial Evaluation consultation (up to 3 hours) from £400 + VAT
2. Full Day (8 hours) Existing Business Audit/Evaluation £800 + VAT with Action Plan Report

Thereafter Hourly rate is £180+ VAT per hour

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