Catering Consultants UK Secret Shopper Secret GuestsOur team of professional “secret shoppers” or “secret guests”, posing as anonymous consumers, are trained catering investigators who carefully follow the path of a sales transaction. They quickly and effectively identify any misappropriation on behalf of the sales personnel and cashiers.

Our shoppers frequently reveal weaknesses in operations systems and procedures, which may encourage employee dishonesty.

Catering Consultants UK is able to customize the secret shopping experience to your individual company concerns. You can rely on our secret shoppers to identify areas of concern and carry out the shopping experience with confidentiality and professionalism.

62% of all Catering Business that go bust every year are a direct result of internal staff theft.

Be sure, be safe check them out.


  • Identify Weaknesses in Company Systems
  • Uncover employee misappropriation / theft
  • Provide a concise tailored report of each visit
  • Work with Company to perform follow up shops

Our Fees

Each Visit is charged at our standard hourly rate £180 per hour, plus Travel costs, plus spend reimbursed.

Normal visiting time is 2-3 hours.

Series Discount

Block of 5 Visits = 10% Discount
Block of 10 Visits = 15% Discount
Yearly contract of 25+ Visits = 20% Discount

Please call : +44 (0) 208 1664 159 to book your first visit.